Pharmac Review

The Government recently released the long-awaited Pharmac review, the drug buying agency for all New Zealanders. This review was to address concerns raised that we are not as New Zealanders getting access to the best and most up-to-date [...]

Offering insurance for your staff is smart for business

The biggest asset you have in your business is your employees, without them daily operations wouldn’t run. It’s a no brainer that staff deserve to be rewarded in the right way. Offering your workforce subsidised insurance is not only [...]

Healthcare in NZ is a Hybrid model

Emergency medicine is covered under the state system, if you have an accident the care is provided by the state system but paid for by ACC.  If you want elective surgery then you must pay for this, and this [...]

KiwiSaver Understanding its Importance

KiwiSaver helps many New Zealanders realise their dream of owning a first home – and for most, KiwiSaver will make the difference between a comfortable retirement or one reliant solely on the pension or family members. It's essential to [...]

KiwiSaver advice – is it worth getting?

Getting KiwiSaver advice makes saving easy. The contributions come out of your pay before you see it. You get extras from your employer and the government. There is much more to selecting a KiwiSaver fund than just checking past [...]

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