In New Zealand 21,300 people are diagnosed with cancer each year. This is an alarming figure to hear, however many cancers can be successfully treated if diagnosed early. There are a number of NZ Insurers now who are offering insurance specifically for cancer, these covers can provide money to cover the additional expenses that are incurred following a cancer diagnosis such as time of work, travel and additional medical expenses.

In many cases they provide an affordable way to access fund to pay for advanced non publicly foundered treatments and non Pharmac medications. We thought it was worthwhile putting a summary together of the covers currently available from the major insurers.

Cancer Cover Options:

AIA: Cancer Care

AIA Cancer Care will take care of medical expenses associated with the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of cancer. This includes access to an unlimited surgical benefit, access to specialist consultations, diagnostic tests and Pharmac and non-Pharmac Medsafe drugs.​

AIA Cancer Care can assist you in paying for the large costs that come with cancer treatment, this cover is only offered with a zero excess. To find out more about this cover option click here.

Southern Cross: Cancer Cover Plus

Cover with Southern Cross can help you get access to faster diagnosis and treatment, a range of private healthcare providers, flexible treatment pathways and treatment in private facilities. Southern Cross offer a range of cover options to suit your needs.

All Southern Cross Health Insurance plans include a range of benefits that provide cover for cancer treatment such as $60,000 per year for chemotherapy treatment (including up to $10,000 per year for non-Pharmac approved Medsafe indicated chemotherapy drugs) as well as the following benefits which you can find out more here.

They also offer Cancer Assist, an add on cover allowing you to access a lump sum payment of up to $300,000 on the diagnosis of a qualifying cancer.

Asteron Life:

Asteron Life’s Cancer cover pays you a lump sum if you get diagnosed with cancer to help you and your family financially, through recovery. With Asteron life some of the cancer cover you will receive an advance payment of part of your Cancer Cover benefit if you’re diagnosed with any early stage cancer. While early-stage cancer may be less severe than more advanced cancer, you may need to have treatment or make lifestyle changes.

There are also additional benefits with Asteron Life Cancer cover that may include: financial planning advice, grief support and kids cover options are also available.

Asteron Life will also pay your Cancer premiums if you can’t work more than 10 hours per week due to illness or injury.

Find out more here.

Nobody wants to find out they have cancer but having the correct cover in place can help you and your family if the unfortunate time comes. If you are interested in any of the cover options mentioned above or if you wish to find out what other policies are available, please contact us to speak to an adviser as we can help talk you through how each policy works and which is best for your situation.