It’s a big word and a big problem. If you are challenged in getting something done, you may find there are a million different ways of getting sidetracked. I know because I’m writing this right now instead of getting a dozen other, some important, jobs completed. Even now, I just darted off to check an email that showed up in my in box and it looked exciting. By the way, it wasn’t that exciting anyway. and now adds another unnecessary item to my list of to-dos.

Well, I must say its now been another 12 hours and I have just come back to finishing this. So maybe I need help around procrastination.

The whole point of this blog is to remind us all that there’s only a few more weeks to go before Christmas. Next month, Christmas decorations will be going up and the first Christmas carols will be playing on the radio. Silent Night and Jingle Bells will be ringing in your ears.

If you don’t have things in order for the Christmas rush, below is a list of must do’s between now and Christmas:

  • Check who’s coming to your place for Christmas day?
  • Book the cat into the cattery
  • Book the dog into the kennels
  • Check the camp site you booked last year if it has not lost your booking (mine has)
  • Book the new kitchen install to make sure that it is in before Christmas and finished the day before you go away on that three-week holiday
  • Buy presents for grandpa, grandma, mum, dad, sister, kids and wife /husband
  • Book accommodation for friends staying over the holidays
  • Make a list for Christmas dinner shopping
  • Buy extra stuffing if you are going to take the plunge and master a roast bird this year
  • Check again – who’s coming again for Christmas dinner and book the councillor if needed!

And in a far more serious manner, make sure you have reviewed your insurances well before you plan to go away. Like everything, it gets busy leading into December so if you wish to have cover reviewed or in place talk to us now. We are very approachable and can be contacted on either or

And if you know of any good camp sites near Gisborne or a good builder who needs a job before Christmas, let us know!

Happy planning

Grant and Thurl

P.S. we are already booked up for councilor services.