It’s a new year and one of things that the media will tell us to do is to plan for the year ahead.  A new year is traditionally a time to look at your budgets, your travel plans and the stuff you want to achieve during the year.

All over the internet and in traditional media you will see blueprints for planning, checklists for the year ahead and even whole books dedicated to the ‘Art of the Plan’.  A quick (non-scientific) search, returned over 1.5 billion results for “personal planning”, while “Why not to have a plan” has a mere 4.2 million…

Yet here we are saying “don’t plan for 2019”, we must be in the minority saying not to plan. Just keep your eyes ahead and move from one day to the next.  Strange to be hearing someone in our industry saying this right?

Instead – how about making the most of opportunities that present themselves each day and most importantly – make sure you enjoy the journey.

As such – some of the articles about not planning paint an interesting picture, Peter Bregman of Bregman Partners looked at a few successful start-ups and found:

So, what makes people like Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin so successful? Some of it is opportunity. Some if it is persistence. And some is sheer luck. But there’s another set of ingredients that encourages opportunity, persistence, and luck. I call them the four elements. Success will favour you if you:

  • Leverage your strengths
  • Use your weaknesses
  • Pursue your passions
  • Assert your differences

Zuckerberg, Page, and Brin loved technology and were great at it. None of them operated alone — they partnered with people to offset their weaknesses. And, in style as well as substance, they offered unique approaches that differentiated them and their companies from anything else out there.

The entire path need not be clear. Most successful people and businesses have meandered their way to success by being willing to exercise their talents in ways they never would have imagined at the onset.

Here’s what’s fortunate: you’re already doing something — whether it’s a job, a hobby, or an occasional recreational pastime — that exploits your strengths, allows for your weaknesses, gives you pleasure, and uses your uniqueness.

Start experimenting where you are

A very interesting read with some challenging concepts to consider – You can read the full article here.

What we are saying is you may not have a plan and you may not need to have a plan. However, we each have the opportunity to take ourselves out into the world and make the most of every opportunity that presents itself to you.

All the very best for an unplanned 2019.

Grant and Thurl.

Grant Uridge and Thurl Gibbs are Wellington based insurance protection specialists  who love to help  clients protect what’s important to them be it wealth, health or property.

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