I can guarantee every one of my clients can get $521 dollars……. Free for you all. Seriously, the only catch is you have to be over 18 and under 65.

This is what you’re leaving on the table every year if you don’t belong to KiwiSaver. I am surprised how many don’t. (If you are already a member this is a reminder that you are getting your fare share and well done).

Especially self-employed people who only need to put in a nominal amount each year to get your free money.

Better still – this is real cash put into your account every year until you are aged 65. So if you start at age 18 that’s $24,487 free by age 65.

It’s called a tax rebate but it really is money put into your savings account for use in your retirement.

I’ve heard all the arguments about why you should not be in KiwiSaver but most are excuses and not valid reasons.

So if you want me to show you how to get your share of $521 per year let me know.
If you want to know more email me at grant@plus4.co.nz and I can arrange for you to be fully informed about KiwiSaver and get your free money.

And as an added bonus, for every person who signs up for Kiwisaver with me, I’ll sweeten the pot with a $20 petrol voucher.

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Grant Uridge is a Wellington based insurance adviser and can also advise on KiwiSaver.