Working in the insurance field, it can be easy to forget why I sell insurance.  So it’s good to have a reminder that the products I offer do make a difference to my client’s lives.

I visited a good friend over the weekend. The freedom that health insurance gives us, became a topic of conversation. To be upfront, I did not sell the products my friend holds but it was still an interesting discussion around the value of having private medical insurance cover.

My good friend has been diagnosed with cancer. She has been able to have a number of surgeries and procedures because of her health insurance cover.

Health insurance has meant she could receive timely and often necessary care during a trying time. It has also allowed her to access procedures not provided in the public hospital. Chemotherapy has also been part of her treatment and funded by the insurance company.

Her observation is that more and more cancer treatments are now being performed outside of the public health system.

So, if you had asked me a couple of years ago if you really needed health insurance, I would have given you the answer that you could live without it as the public system was doing a good job.

Today, I would say it is a must and that early purchase of cover will make sure you are covered before any health issues develop. It’s just not worth running the risk of missing out on the best treatments available.

So, for an analysis of the insurance covers available and a price to fit your budget,  contact me on either or call 0274 488 689. I am here to help and advise you.