Frontline health workers will be the first to receive the covid-19 vaccine when we receive it in New Zealand, but one of the main concerns is for how our underfunded Public Health system will manage to keep up with any COVID-19 influx?

America and the UK have been having major issues with the roll out of the vaccine so far and according to New Zealand history some Health professionals believe we may have issues here in New Zealand too.

So, what has the government already told us?

New Zealand’s COVID-19 Vaccine Strategy

The strategy aims to secure vaccines that are safe, effective and in enough quantities. Using expertise from across government, it sets the steps the Ministry of Health must take so that they have the infrastructure, regulations, and relationships in place for COVID-19 vaccines. As part of this, they are preparing a COVID-19 immunisation programme. Strong vaccination uptake levels are critical to achieve enough population immunity. Find out more here.

 Delivering the vaccines

To support the delivery of an effective immunisation programme, the Ministry of Health is preparing:

  • timing and delivery options
  • workforce considerations
  • technology
  • logistics and supply chain management
  • equipment and infrastructure.

Who gets the vaccine?

As quantities of the vaccine will be limited when it arrives in New Zealand, it will first need to go to groups who need it most. This will also depend on whether New Zealand has any community transmission.

The Vaccine will be free

The Government has confirmed that the COVID-19 vaccination will be free of charge. The New Zealand government is not making it compulsory for Kiwis to get the vaccination. However, it will be encouraged.

According to stuff article ‘Coronavirus so you have created a vaccine now what?’ Immunisation Advisory Centre national manager Loretta Roberts is fairly certain that New Zealand could successfully carry out a mass vaccination campaign. “I think we’ve got very robust systems and processes and very good training… We’re well on the way.”

So, what do you think about the covid-19 vaccine? Will the healthcare system be able to roll it out fairly when it comes into the country? Although the vaccine will be free it is still important to have a health plan in place for your family in case of another community outbreak. If you wish to get insurance put in place to make sure you and your family are safe contact us today and we can discuss with you what available options best suits your needs.