Last year was a difficult year for many, majority of insurance providers recognise this and have exclusive offers and specials for their members. When it comes to insurance you want to make sure you are getting the right cover at the best price that’s why we want to share with you what’s new from each product provider. If you are interested in finding out more about any of the benefits mentioned below, please don’t hesitate to talk to one of our advisers.

Provider Specials


Cancer Care: AIA Cancer Care gives you options, if you’re looking for insurance protection for cancer treatment. Cancer Care is a new health insurance product that covers the costs associated with cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. It also gives you access to a broad range of private treatment options and access to the latest cancer drugs. Some elements that Cancer Care provides, includes:

  • Unlimited cover for cancer surgery.
  • Up to $500,000 per policy year for Pharmac and non-Pharmac subsidised Medsafe indicated cancer medications.
  • Up to $5,000 per policy year for specialists’ consultations and diagnostic testing for confirmation of cancer diagnosis.
  • Following diagnosis, specialist consultations, diagnostic testing, and treatment up to $500,000 per policy year.
  • Option of overseas treatment if necessary.
  • Post-cancer treatment care and support benefit.

Find out more here.

Provider: nib

Save $200.00: You can save up to $200.00 with nib if you are a new member after November 2020. If you purchase Hospital or Hospital + Everyday cover plus you can save! If you join with a partner you can get $400 off!

nib’s Every day and Private Hospital cover offers cover for everyday things such as prescription glasses, GP visits, dental treatment and more. This cover means you can get quicker access to treatment. Click here to find out more about this nib offer.


Well-being Benefit: The past year has been a tough time and Unimed want to help make sure their customers stay well. Unimed have extended their new Well-being benefit, which is available to all members regardless of the type of cover they have. The Well-being benefit also known as Psychiatric/Psychologist/Psychotherapist Consultations Benefit is for the treatment associated with personal consequences of COVID19. With Benefit Limit you can get 50% of actual costs incurred up to $120 per visit, with a maximum of three consultations. This is per person named on the policy.

Unimed are also offering a counsellor benefit and benefits for those living alone or who are in vulnerable circumstances. Click here if you wish to find out more about these benefits.

Southern Cross:  

10% Member discount: You may be entitled to a 10% discount for up to two years if you join Southern Cross. If you are an individual member or in a voluntary work scheme, and

meet a healthy lifestyle criteria you will be eligible for this discount.

10% Living discount: As a client of Southern Cross if you qualify, the 10% healthy living discount will be taken off your already discounted premium.

Your product provider and your trusted adviser is always here for you to make sure you get the best cover possible. If you wish to find out whether any of the benefits mentioned applies to you please contact us today for more information.