Home, Contents & Vehicle Insurance

What is Home , Content and Vehicle Insurance?

General insurance covers the range of insurance products that protect the things you own. If accidental damage, loss or theft occurs to your assets, you’ll have financial security to get things sorted. General Insurance includes, home, vehicle and contents insurance helping you protect the assets you value the most. Fire and General Insurance helps as a result of disasters such as earthquakes.

General insurance is a way of covering most of your major assets, like your house, contents, boat, car, glasshouse and much more. Insuring your belongings is a personal choice, firstly you should weigh up the risks, secondly you should consider the benefits of being covered for the unexpected.

Why Home, Content and Vehicle Insurance?

The specific events or circumstances covered will vary between policy to policy. Some policies usually include the risk of damage or loss caused by:

  • Accidental damage Burglary & Theft Fire. Storm/flood/lightning strike Falling tree or aerial Impact by aircraft, vehicle or animal Medical expenses (in the case of travel insurance).

We don’t act as brokers in this area, but we have a close association with a number of Fire and General specialists. They do an outstanding job and will assist you to get the insurance covers to best fit your needs.

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