I have just returned from an Asteron road show and spent time with a couple of leading broker-led life insurance companies.

These trips allow me to keep abreast of changes in the companies we deal with, keep up to date with legislative changes and more importantly give access to the people that can make a difference when things go wrong for my clients.

This does not happen often but we have all seen the instances were big company rules get in the way of sensible decision making for clients.

Recently we had one of these situations where the client wanted to cancel a product but put the wrong policy number on the form. This was picked up quickly by the client (he went direct so we were not able to check the paperwork) however it took our intervention to get the policy reinstated. We were talking only a couple of days before this was picked up by the client so to be absolutely fair it should have been sorted very quickly.

During a general catch up meeting with senior management we were able to get this resolved in a matter of hours once those who can make decisions were involved.

We have had the odd claim with the same outcome when logic would say it should have been paid.

I have had a case recently where an extra $50,000 was paid as the life company had not made an amendment to the clients policy that they should have made and as such paid out the amount that the client had in place at the time he had his medical issue. Rather than the $150,000 the client expected he received $239,000! A very satisfactory result for them.

So, if you want insurance that pays out and you want someone who will go into bat for you then use a broker, and one that can access the management of the top companies in New Zealand. It’s why we do what we do – to make all insurance matters, including claims, smoother and easier for our clients.

You can contact me at grant@plus4.co.nz.

Grant is a Wellington based insurance adviser, Chariman of the Plus4 Group and loves to help clients find out what insurance they really need for their unique circumstances.