During the latest Covid lockdown, you will likely feel much emotional turmoil impacting your mental health. When I reflect on how I deal with the current environment, I know that I must dig deep each time the country has a new case, and the response is to lock us down.

I can then choose how I react; I can be angry; I can select to ignore what’s going on or find a way to cope. I notice that my first reaction is generally anger, what’s happened to allow this to happen, what has happened, and who can I blame. Overall, this, from what I have read, is a normal response. Our bodies have been taught to face a threat in a consistent manner.

The fight or flight reaction: 

For thousands of years, our threats did not come via social media or the newspapers. They were genuine and came from the tiger, elephant or walrus that could seriously hurt us. So, we learnt to fight or run away. When a threat comes today, our natural reaction is to do the same. So, what’s the answer? Firstly, I find that I need to look around and see there is no real threat. Then look to see what I can control and then what I can’t. I can’t control the country being in lockdown and the Prime minister calling the shots. So, I can either fight this. (Knowing I can’t change anything) or run.

However, there is a third response:

The third option is to go, well, you can’t change this, so let’s get on with what you can control. It takes a little while to get to this point, but note that you will feel calmer when you do. I know we all suffer stress and disappointment in different ways. You may need help, and talking to someone is not something to be ashamed about.

Several services are available to get help if needed or talk it through with a family member or friend.

The links below may help:

We are all in the same boat, and we will come out of this one way or another! Stay safe and look after yourself and your loved ones from the Protection Solutions team.