Happy New Year, we are officially in a new decade, the 20s! We hope you are having a great start to 2020. What’s your new year’s resolution? How about starting with that pesky to-do list. Today we are going to talk about why the New Year is a good time to update your insurance. Life is constantly changing, which means your life insurance needs updating with any major life event. Look back on the last year and have a think, what major events happened that might impact your insurance cover? When life is busy happening, we forget to update things like our insurance, especially when that exciting new baby is born, or you get married.

Here are a few life events that require you to update your insurance policy: Marriage, divorce, kids go to college/university, a new child is born, new house, new job or retirement. Making sure you review these changes with your insurance company means any previous holes in your current policy can be updated to match your new life circumstance, so you are always covered. A change in income is also an important update your insurance company needs to know about. If you have a change in income it is important to look at adjusting your policy so your family can maintain their way of living.

Do I need Health Cover?

If you don’t have any health cover the new year is the perfect time to evaluate whether you need it. If you are unsure of what cover you might need you can get a consultation with one of our advisors. An important thing to consider when looking at getting life or medical insurance is whether you want to financially protect your loved ones and yourself to reduce the impact they or you will experience if you die suddenly or can no longer work. When it comes to medical insurance, you never know when an accident can happen and having a safety net to fall into can save yourself a lot of financial stress. It’s hard to think about an event that may not occur but it’s always best to be covered just in case life throws you something unexpected.

The new year is a good time to review other non-insurance related tasks, things include:

-Changing the batteries in your smoke detectors and other important household appliances.
-Changing important account passwords.
-Do a spring clean: Donate things you no longer need.
-Get extra keys cut (a spare car key or house key is always important)
-Update locks.

You get the picture; the new year brings lots of jobs that are good to sort out early. If you have had any life changes in the past year that you want to update us about contact us today.

All the very best for a successful 2020.

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