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Are you prepared for 2021?

Are you prepared for 2021?

December 3rd, 2020

2020 is rapidly coming to an end which means you should be revisiting those important tasks to prepare for the new year ahead.  Watching Christmas movies, buying gifts for your family and decorating the tree are some of the best things to do around the Christmas season however it is also a great opportunity to tackle important tasks while you have extra time off. While the festive season is a great time to catch-up with friends and family, it can take a toll on you or your families health! Falling ill or having an unforeseen accident during the holidays is common. To help make Christmas stress-free here are some tips to get you prepared for 2021.

Check your insurance policies:

Check all policies that you currently have, and make sure that you have provided your insurers with up to date details. If something happens over the holiday period it would be a tragedy if you believed you were fully covered only for your post-Christmas insurance claim to be turned down!

Christmas insurance claims for household items and motor vehicles can also be turned down for various reasons. You can avoid this as long as you know what they are, so make sure to check what policies you have in place for your home, contents and motor vehicles as well as your health insurance policies.

Check your home is in order before you go on holiday:

It is known that burglaries increase over the holiday time so before you go on holiday and leave the home unattended make sure everything is locked away properly before you leave.

• Check that the garden shed or garage is kept locked.

• Close all windows.

• If you are going away for a while get a trusted friend to pop in and empty the post box and check on the house (they can also water your house plants at the same time or feed the pets if you have them).

• Lock away valuable items

Complete Small Home-Improvement Projects:

The holidays is a good time to get those pesky jobs done that you never have time to during the year, such as changing burnt-out light bulbs, tossing out dead plants, washing the windows, etc.

Evaluate your finances

An important job to do before the new year starts is to evaluate your financial situation. This task is especially important this year as 2020 had a huge financial impact on many of us! If you spent too much this year or didn’t save enough, make a plan/ budget for yourself. Cut out some expenses you can live without and implement strategies to save more money in the new year.

Book in important appointments

If there are any appointments you’ve been procrastinating on such as a car service, a doctor’s check-up or dentist visit now is the time to make them, so they’ll definitely happen in the new year. You might not get in before the new year rolls around as most places are booked up but booking them in, in advance is a great way to feel organised before heading into the new year.

The end of year can be a stressful time, however if you stay on top of things that need to get done you will feel less overwhelmed. If you want to review your insurances before 2021 please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you make 2021 as stress-free as possible!