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Cancer, New Zealand’s Largest Killer

Cancer, New Zealand’s Largest Killer

February 5th, 2020

February 4th – World Cancer Day

February 4th was world cancer day and with this, we want to bring to your attention a recent article on the NZ Herald that shines a spotlight on bowel cancer, one of the largest killers in New Zealand. It is important to raise awareness of cancer to encourage its prevention and treatment. 

Health Insurer’s Free Bowel Screening Kit

The NZ Herald article ‘Bowel cancer kills 1200 a year’ focuses on health insurer Accuro as they are the only New Zealand health provider offering free bowel screening kits to their members. Early stages of cancer especially bowel cancer can be hard to detect which makes early detection a lifesaver. The National Bowel Screening Programme in NZ is also free for men and women aged 60 to 74 years who are eligible for funded healthcare, however it is being detected more and more in a much younger age group. 

An Accuro member decided to give the free bowel testing kit a try even without having noticed any bowel issues or symptoms. When the test came back, unfortunately, it was positive and she discovered a large mass in her lower bowel, however with further medical care funded through  Accuro she could get on top of her treatment. This story shows that with the help of health insurance cancer was detected early and treatment could begin. Accuro offers other various free detection services such as, the Skin Vision app to prevent melanoma and the Mental Health Navigator which is helping aid the mental health issue that affects nearly half of the country! 

Put Preventative Measures in Place

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. Patients that have health insurance and fall ill with the disease are better prepared to battle through it and get the treatment they need. After a diagnosis is usually when you’re insurer will kick in, this is why we want to encourage you to stay healthy and put preventative measures in place early. Stay active, have you’re screening tests and eat healthy when you can. Small changes in your life can help minimise your risk. Having insurance is a great tool but it is important to take other preventative actions when you can.

Contact us today if you wish to minimise your risk and fight the disease with appropriate health cover put in place. Click here to find out more about world cancer day and see how you can help spread the word.

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