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Christmas – one month away, time to get ready!

Christmas – one month away, time to get ready!

November 22nd, 2018

OK, we know you don’t need a reminder that Christmas is just over a month away.  However, we thought we’d share a useful article we came across – sharing it now while you have time to put into place some of the suggestions to ensure you have a safe and happy holiday break.

At Plus4 Wellington we know Christmas is a great time to pack up and head away for a well-earned break, a chance to recharge the batteries ready for 2019.  It’s now only 4 weeks away and counting until the big red fella comes down the chimney and leaves gifts for the family. We know this can be a very stressful time so a little preparation before the big day can be helpful. We thought this article from Stuff on tips to secure your home these holidays gives you a good checklist of what you should do before heading out of town.

The roads are clogged at Christmas time and not the safest.  So, having your insurance covers sorted is never a bad idea as well.  If you need to look at any of your insurances – now is the time to do it.  This means we have plenty of time to get things sorted for you before the Christmas break.

It generally gets very busy the last few days before Christmas so make sure you act early. We may even have the odd chocolate Santa to give away before the big day if the office staff don’t eat them all first.

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