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How to prepare your business for the holiday season

How to prepare your business for the holiday season

December 13th, 2021

There’s a lot to do over the holiday season that we often forget all the important things we need to do at work before closing over Christmas. Whether you are going away or not, getting things in the office sorted early before the new year makes it easier when staff get back in the office. Here’s a suggested ‘quick’ list of the most important things to get sorted at work.

Determine your holiday season hours and tell your customers

What are your holiday operating hours this year and what approach will you take to advise your key customers and the wider market? Remember always keep your staff and customers informed about your holiday operating hours so they can plan their schedules ahead of time. Will you be open during Christmas, or are you closing earlier this year? To help prepare for this, make sure you ask your employees early about requesting holiday time off to plan schedules accordingly.

Have a holiday marketing schedule

If your business does regular communications and likes to do a bit of marketing, the holiday season is the perfect time of the year to keep it up! Many small businesses tend to stop their marketing over the holidays; however, there are a few great online tools to help you schedule content in advance. When you are away, your business will still be getting some brand awareness through your marketing. Set up a plan, ahead of time with all the social media posts and blogs you will do throughout December. Yes, there is a lot of marketing and content from other businesses during December; however, people also will have more time off to read blogs and scroll the internet for gift ideas, so your content won’t go amiss!

Loyalty rewards

If you haven’t done so throughout the year, now is the best time to reward your customer and client base with loyalties. Discounts or small gifts are a great thank you for client loyalty over the year, and it also helps build business in the new year. The level of rewards and how it is presented will vary depending on the size and budget of your business. Smaller companies have the advantage of sending personal greetings in which they can include a voucher for a service over the January period. Larger companies where physical gifts are not possible can offer a greeting in the form of an email and discounts on online purchases.

Don’t forget also to thank business partners and refers that you do business with! You don’t want to miss out on the people that help your business get more customers! Depending on your industry, you may even have suppliers to say thank you to.

Stay on top of finances

One of the most important ones is to stay on top of your cash flow and know exactly what is going in and what is going out. If you are giving Christmas bonuses, ensure that any tax deductions are accounted for. Suppliers may have changed their payment and delivery dates over the festive period so check all invoicing.

Check inventory and supplies

Inventory and supplies are vital in any business. This is time to review the year’s sales and identify your needs for the coming year. If you need to restock supplies, order them in advance because, at this time of year, suppliers are tight on time and have tonnes of deadlines ahead of them.

Christmas time can be stressful for a business owner if you are not prepared. However, it can be the best and most profitable time of the year if you follow the right strategies. Start planning and preparing for the end of the year now so you can come back in the new year in peace! If you want to sort out your staff insurance before the new year kicks off, please get in touch with one of our advisers.