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How to survive New Years Eve

How to survive New Years Eve

December 30th, 2020

New Year’s Eve is a big occasion, there is a number of festivals and parties to choose from, however, before you put on your dancing shoes, here are a couple of tips on how to survive the biggest party night of the year.

Don’t drink too much….

This may be obvious advice, but it is worth mentioning that New Years Eve is the worst night of the year to end up at A&E with everyone else who partied slightly too hard. A&E will be completely overcrowded and filled with intoxicated people shouting. In fact, A&E will probably look a lot like the party you have just left! It is not worth ending the night in the hospital, drink responsibly but also enjoy yourself!

Choose your event wisely

If you get invited to multiple parties in one night, try to pick one that you know you will enjoy. It can be a hard decision as you want to see all your friends on New Year’s Eve however public transport is under a lot of strain on New Year’s Eve, and the odds of you getting stuck and unable to find any way of getting to and from different venues are high.

Nibbles don’t count as dinner!

Grazing on crackers and cheese throughout the night as well as drinking will not help you with the morning hangover! Make sure you eat a proper meal at some point in the night and drink lots of water that way your stomach will be lined to handle the alcohol.


Chances are you are going to drink. If so, while you are still sober plan on what you’re going to drink and watch who tops up your drink throughout the night! If you follow only one rule this New Year’s Eve, make it this one – shots are never a good idea! Another tip: you will notice bars have signs about water and food being available, make sure you drink water as you go and try to drink water before you go out. Get a pint of the stuff every few drinks. Get a litre into yourself before sleep and you will be bouncing out of bed in the morning. Also make sure you organise a ride home before you start drinking that way you know you will get home safely.

Make no resolutions until the next day

A lot of people regard New Years Eve as the final deadline for new year’s resolutions. Don’t be dragged into making any hasty announcements about quitting smoking, taking guitar lessons or being more socially committed, especially if it’s just for the sake of joining in. Besides you do not want to find yourself committed to any statements you made while under the influence! Write down some realistic goals the next day, goals you may stick to and be able to work towards in the new year.

We hope those tips set you up for a great New Years Eve no matter what you are getting up to! Remember to have fun but more importantly stay safe throughout the night, we hope we will not be having to make any claims for new years eve incidents! Please contact either Grant or Thurl over the new year period if any urgent insurance matter come up! Happy New Year everyone we look forward to seeing you in 2021.