Covid-19 has changed how we think about daily life, such as avoiding shaking hands with someone new. Looking after our health and protecting those we love has always been a priority but now more than ever people are considering what extra lengths they can go to for their health. When looking at getting an insurance policy put in place you tend to get one out for yourself or your partner. However, what the lockdown has taught many of us is that none of us are immune to something unexpected happening. Anything can happen to any member of your family and it could have a financial impact- this includes your children.

Having health insurance for your children helps to ensure that they receive the health services they need and can be covered for care if they get ill or injured.

We are going to break down what covers could be sensible for you to look at for your children:

Health Insurance:

With GP visits being free for children under the age of 13 you may think getting medical cover for your child is a bit crazy. However, children can still benefit from various insurance policies. Health insurance, for example, is a great benefit to children. Sometimes you can even cover your children as part of your own policy. If you get cover sorted early before your child has an accident or has a major illness you can get a policy set up that can cover your child for their entire childhood years.

Health cover for children takes away a lot of added stress such as not having to go on a waiting list for specialist services. Another benefit is that once they grow up and can put in place their own policies they can do this without any underwriting, which means they don’t need to worry about any exclusions on their policy as a result of a childhood illness.  

Trauma cover:

Trauma insurance is a great way to protect your children as it can be more specific than general health insurance. Trauma cover pays out a lump sum payment in the event of a diagnosis of certain illnesses or specified injuries. The main advantage of trauma cover is that the lump sum payment frees you up to spend time with your family and potentially cover some medical costs.

Another advantage is if you have a trauma policy with certain providers, your dependent children are automatically covered. There are several providers that include trauma coverage for children in their policies, to varying degrees, so make sure you speak with us to find the right one for you.

Congenital Conditions

Keep in mind that most insurance policies do not cover congenital conditions. A congenital condition is something that you are born with, whereas a pre-existing condition is something that you have developed since birth. For example, a tongue-tie correction needed on a baby will generally not be covered, as that is something they were born with. A child that needs grommets inserted (one of the most common procedures for children) can be covered.

If you consider any of these two policies, you will be happy to know that you can rest easy as your family will be fully protected just in case. If any of these covers sound like an option for your children or if you want to check how your current policies can provide for your entire family contact us today. 04 9761099 or 04 9761099