As a business owner in today’s Covid world, it can be hard to keep business booming as it may have in the past. What are some tools for companies to implement to ensure they still see success in 2021? A great way to build business relationships and increase referrals is through BNI NZ. But what are the benefits of joining BNI, and when will you see results?

What is BNI:

BNI is the world’s largest and most successful business networking organisation. BNI is a networking group that helps its members grow their business by teaching them how to build long-term, profitable relationships with other New Zealand business professionals. 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know!

BNI provides a structured, proven, and professional referral marketing system which helps entrepreneurs and business professionals generate revenue and build business skills. More than 36 years of continuous growth at BNI has proven that those who ‘give’ by sharing business referrals with colleague’s ‘gain’ in many ways, including reciprocal business. To find out more about how BNI works, visit their website here.

The benefits:

  • The business referral system is designed to help businesses pass referral business and explore new opportunities.
  • Your BNI membership gives you access to mentors, other business professionals and a whole host of courses.
  • Develop long-lasting relationships that deepen and evolve through core values.

Our Experience:

Both Grant and Thurl are members of Wellington BNI chapters, this gives us a great range of contacts which we in turn share with our clients and friends. From Plumbing to Payroll systems and even an Undertaker, we generally know someone with who we have built long term trust and are happy to recommend their services.

BNI for us has meant being part of a group of mutually interested businesses and sole traders who enjoy and thrive on the shared business we introduce.  We have found this a fantastic way to also help others in their business growth.

Grant has been in a chapter that has recently enjoyed its 20-year anniversary and has been a member from shortly after the chapter first started.  You don’t belong to a group for this long without it being successful.

If you are interested in finding out more about the power of BNI, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Even better ask Grant or Thurl for an invite to a chapter meeting and find out first-hand how it works. The best way of testing something is often to try before you buy.