Guys, go and get your nuts and other bits checked. I see too many friends and clients who have had prostate cancer so please make sure you get a regular check-up.

Make sure you have both the examination and the blood test. It may be a little embarrassing and a little uncomfortable but the alternative is a whole lot worse.

I have also known a couple of friends with testicular cancer so get them checked out at the same time. A bit of embarrassment is worth knowing you will stay well for the grandchildren.

Be aware too that the cost of treatment for prostate cancer can range between $14,600 and $24,000 according to Southern Cross and some DHB’s only offer removal and not the “Brachytherapy” treatments (you need private health insurance to have these covered). So make sure you have private medical insurance so you can get access to the best treatment and in a timely manner.

I know if I have issues down there I want access to the best.

Grant Uridge
Grant is a Wellington based insurance expert who loves his nuts and has plenty of health cover on them. If you want to know anything about insurance, how to get yourself covered or even just a chat about the covers you have he is there to help on