The 2020 KiwiSaver adviser’s choice award went to Booster! Financial advisers voted which they thought was the top KiwiSaver provider at the Good Returns awards last year. But what makes Booster the best KiwiSaver provider? We are going to discuss why Booster does so well and why you should look at choosing Booster.

Booster KiwiSaver Scheme

The Booster KiwiSaver Scheme makes saving for your first home or retirement easy. Booster offer great member benefits, access to financial advice and tools to raise your money know-how. Booster offers 15 KiwiSaver funds, each with specific investing goals.

Claims made by Booster:

Booster offers three certified socially responsible investment funds for KiwiSaver members, so you can become an ethical investor. The three funds are: Booster Socially Responsible Investment Moderate Fund, Booster Socially Responsible Investment Balanced Fund and Booster Socially Responsible Investment Growth Fund, these actively invest in ethical investments. Both funds are popular, with around $250m invested in total.

Booster offers free accidental death insurance benefit (limited to $50,000) to all members. It also offers free member fees for anyone with less than $500 in their KiwiSaver fund. Booster also offers tools and guidance via its Think Money website. Booster also launched its budgeting tool, mybudgetpal, to help members make better financial decisions.

Booster members can manage their accounts online with mybooster, or via the Booster NZ app. mybooster allows members to update their details, check their KiwiSaver and investment accounts and switch funds.

Benefits of choosing Booster:

  • Booster offers socially responsible funds, single-sector and specialty funds, diversified funds and asset-classed funds.
  • Booster is one of nine government-appointed default KiwiSaver providers.
  • Booster KiwiSaver funds have two main fees – a membership fee and a management fee.
  • Switching between any Booster fund is free. There are no joining fees.
  • Booster goes beyond bond, shares and cash deposits.
  • Booster is a New Zealand owned and operated financial services company.
  • The free member fees for anyone with less than $500 in their fund – $500 is what you would earn with $8,000 of earnings at a 3% contribution rate, so it’s perfect for a student or part-time worker.

Booster offers different funds for different risk profiles which allows us to have an in depth conversation with you around which product will suit your needs. If you’re interested in finding out more about the Boosters Scheme please contact us today!