You’re probably wondering, how could Valentine’s Day and anything other than flowers or chocolate not be the norm?  We all know valentines is all about thinking about your loved ones, and keeping that important person in your life!

What makes a great Valentines gift is that it is personal and demonstrates love and commitment. Don’t buy flowers, chocolates or a fancy dinner, the best gift for Valentine’s Day could be life insurance, here’s why:

Valentine’s Day gift that will last:

The life insurance policy would not be on your partner’s life, but on your own life. The message becomes that even if I’m not here any longer or if I get sick and can’t work, I want you looked after. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, even after you’re gone.

Show how you care:

Getting a life insurance policy shows your loved ones that your serious about protecting them. It isn’t your typical Valentine’s day gift, but it is something your loved ones will appreciate in the future. To find out more about life insurance policies click on these providers website where they break down the various options and products to choose from:

AIA        Fidelity Life     Southern Cross        

Quick and easy Valentine’s Day gift that can be for both of you:  

If you’re fit and healthy you can sort out life insurance extremely quickly with Protection Solutions of course! There is no need to find a car park and run around the shops the night before, just print out your policy document and your sorted! Not to mention it is a gift that benefits both of you.

It might even lead to beneficiaries:

You might inspire your loved one to also get their policy sorted out, so you are also protected in the future! Romance will be in the air and the next thing you know; you’ll be wondering how to add a beneficiary for your policy. You can name, one person, two or more people, a charity, or your estate as your beneficiary. If you do not name a beneficiary, the death benefit will be paid to your estate. It is important to note that a policy can also be owned by one person or owned jointly by two or more people. If the policy is jointly owned, the proceeds would be paid directly to the surviving policy owner(s). If you wish to find out more about life insurance policies, click here.

The gift that keeps giving:

A life insurance policy can cover many things once you have passed away or get ill, your loved ones can get cover for final expenses like funeral costs. Life insurance can also help with finance future expenses, from college tuition to mortgage payments. This type of financial support can help your family remain in their home following your passing.

Valentines is all about showing your loved ones how much they mean to you. What better way to show you care than protecting them when you are no longer around! Flowers wilt, chocolate gets eaten in a day but life insurance will last a life time. If you wish to learn more about life insurance and how it can protect your loved ones talk to one of our expert advisers today.