So one of the cool things about insurance is telling a client that their claim is about to be paid.

This last month has seen clients receive either their surgery covered, or a lump sum payment made to them.

Two of these were my claims and the third a member of the Plus4 group.

I am going to look at two in this blog and the third next time. These two are a Trauma Claim and a Total and Permanent Disability Claim.

The trauma claim was for an issue that happened a number of years before. While one of our advisers was undertaking a review, the client identified they had a heart attack around 10 years ago.

As we looked over the insurance the client had in place, we noticed that the client had a trauma policy in force when he had this condition, but he did not know he was able to make a claim. So our adviser contacted the insurance company and the claim was accepted. It took a little persuasion but the company came to the party. It just goes to show what a good adviser can do for their client and the power of the Plus4 group.

My claim has been one that’s been around for about three years. My client has extreme psychological health issues and has not been working for a number of years. She has a lump sum Total and Permanent Disability contract and we made a claim on this.

Sometimes the medical profession will not categorically say that someone will not get better or in this case, could never work in her chosen profession again. They kept sending her away to get more assessments and treatments. My client kept doing these and after three years she reached the point where enough was enough—she was not getting better. So a final review by the Insurance Company appointed assessor confirmed that she will not work again. Following that, the funds were in her account two days later. A big part of her mortgage was cleared and her day-to-day costs covered.

Better still, she can now fund further treatment that is finally starting to help.

So the insurance company came to the party. To be fair, the company has acted responsibly but I must say the medical profession let my client down.

The first rule is, if you are self-employed and not working, get a medical certificate from your GP. This will confirm that the doctor has put you off work. If you don’t get one and then ask for it retrospectively, you may not get it. Some doctors don’t like doing it after the event.

In this case I would love to have a serious crack at my client’s GP. It has cost her thousands of dollars and continued financial pain. This was also a case of a client with the wrong insurance in place. A good income protection or mortgage income cover product would have meant that she would have received funds all the way through what has been a really difficult time. We did not sell her this product but I am glad it came to the party in the end.

The second rule is you need cash to pay for medical coasts outside of the state system if you really want the best treatments available!

The end result was a happy client in both cases and cash going to clients who really needed it to help them get through difficult times.

So if you want insurance that is the right fit for you then talk to me. I can be contacted at