We have had an interesting few months in Wellington…….

First, we had an Earthquake that rattled the city a fair amount and caused a number of buildings to be evacuated and now have either been demolished or they are about to be.  Interestingly the building’s that were expected to fail didn’t, however, a number of the newer high rise buildings were impacted.

This has caused a lot of tenants and owners to rethink their positions and has also meant disruptions for a lot of businesses and employees across Wellington.  The insurance industry has responded with a freeze on writing new risk and this again has caused confusion and a lot of extra work.  My understating is that this will be lifted only after a leveling out of the seismic activity.

This, in my view, is a wake-up call for the people of Wellington and one that really shows the power of the earth moving. It would be sensible to take stock of your own disaster recovery plan for both home and office before we have another event caused by either the weather or another earthquake.

Secondly, the weather in Wellington has had us put the heating on a good couple of months earlier than normally this year. What’s happened to a bit of serious sunshine? Maybe it’s still to come?  While the weather gods have just not played ball, it’s still a great city to live in and the ability to get around is even better. With the use of a scooter, I find getting in and out of the city a breeze and even in the odd rain shower, it’s still fun to zip along the city streets.

From an insurance point of view, we have had inquiries for health insurance for staff, this is a great way to reward staff and they gain benefits such as discounted premiums and in many cases, staff will get cover for existing medical conditions which can be a game changer for many people. If you wish to know more let me know.

Finally, if you do want cover and the current insurance embargo is stopping you getting cover let me know. We can’t change the embargo but we can look at different options such as taking insurance without Earthquake cover and we can make a note and come back to you when the market reopens.

For all your insurance questions I am just a phone call (04 976 1099) or email away. grant@plus4.co.nz