Managing money and insurance can be challenging, and not all of us have the time to sort out the more complicated details. That’s when it’s time to call in an adviser and get some help. When you decide to get in touch with an adviser, how do you know who the best adviser is for you and your family? In this blog, we will discuss how to find the right fit with an adviser and what you want out of your financial advice.

What do you want from financial advice?

Think about what you want to achieve from the advice you are seeking – is it to help get a good deal on mortgage protection or sort out your health insurance? This will help you decide which licensed Financial Advice Provider you seek financial advice from.

What to think about when choosing an adviser?

To help find the right adviser, consider looking into their experience level and ask these questions:

  • Does the adviser have a lot of experience and qualifications?
  • Have a look online at what type of licence the adviser has.
  • Did the adviser indicate the type of products they can advise on? – Some will specialise in certain areas which could help you decide who to talk to.
  • Did the adviser tell you how they are paid? Is this from fees you pay or from commissions paid by the companies whose products are being sold to you? You can find out this information in the adviser’s disclosure document, if you want to see ours, please click here.
  • Finally, do you get a good sense that the adviser is trying to also educate you in the process, so you can understand the right cover types when getting insurance rather than just putting covers in place?

What to expect when working with an adviser:

  • Discussing your personal situation so they understand your circumstances and goals.
  • Explaining why the questions asked help to navigate the options and come to a recommendation that is personal to you.
  • Talking through their recommendations, explaining why they think these are right for you.
  • Explaining how their complaints process works and tell you who their dispute resolution service provider is.

Questions you may be asked when working with an adviser:

To get the best advice tailored to your needs, an adviser may request information from you about your:

  • Personal situation, age, employment, family, and relationships
  • Assets, such as your home, savings, KiwiSaver, car, shares, or other investments
  • Income from all sources, including pay, investments, and benefits
  • Expenses (every week or month)
  • Insurance policies and how much you’re insured for
  • Estate plans, such as a will or power of attorney
  • Details of lawyers or accountants.

Our Advisers:

At Protection Solutions, our advisers have a lot of experience in the industry. Having spent his entire working career in the insurance industry, Grant is an experienced Adviser who strives for customer focus, service, and integrity in everything he does. Thurl has over 20 years in the financial services industry. With a strong financial background and customer relationship background, he understands the value of building strong relationships from both sides.

Choosing a trusted and knowledgeable financial advisor is one of the most important investment decisions you will make. If you are interested in speaking to one of our advisers, please feel free to contact us at